Customer Success Stories

We have had success working with a wide range of companies. Here are a few examples:

For a chair manufacturer:
“Warn us before campaigns. Give me time to get the phone batteries charged and ready for incoming calls”.

For a high street bank:
Obtained 14 small business finance applications in one day.

For a letting agent:
Set up 18 new introductions from one campaign

For an IT distribution company A self funding channel sales campaign after 3 months.

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Database Building

A good database of customers (potential, current or past) is vital to getting more business. The more people you interact with regularly, the more people will come to you when they have a need!

Email selling

Sending short emails, to share knowledge and get more sales - we will email your database of contacts and analyse the responses to find 'hot leads' – people who want what you do.

Starting conversations

Possibly the most important part. Identify the people to talk to and begin phone conversations. This will qualify the leads you have gained through emails and match their need to your service.