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you've got 2 seconds, now sell to me!

What if I told you that your marketing email has a maximum of two seconds before the recipient deletes it?  Think about it… how long do you take before deciding to delete emails?  Two seconds is quite a long time when you’ve got 50 emails to work through.

So our advice is to focus emails on “something for the recipient” and make them easy to delete.

“what you mean I’ve got two seconds to make a good enough impression to prevent deletion and I’ve got to write about benefits to the recipient in a way that’s quick to read, act on delete or unsubscribe?”

Well yes actually! That’s if you want to succeed in email marketing.

Most of your  time should therefore be spent shortening and honing the message, the link to “something for you”, and the subject line ( a science of its own and we could write a whole article on). There should be more focus on the subject line, first sentence or two and the primary link than any other aspect of template or design. After all that might be all that the majority of your audience will see and that’s all that will fit the preview pane.

With such heavy focus on sending short emails that share knowledge and help you get sales, it is most refreshing to see the trusted people at Econsultancy review this behaviour from a web point of view.  If you haven’t seen their excellent article on “25 reasons why I’ll leave your website in 10 seconds”, follow the link here.

It’s worth a look for the comments section alone, if not for the quality of their advice. Take a look and if you want to chat, or need further advice please email or call 01793 250207.