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Beware – your ego makes you vulnerable to mendacious marketers. |

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This great article explains why to stop talking about yourself and focus on your clients.  It also talks about how some companies have been doing this in a very manipulative way…  great for writing email marketing copy as much as advertising campaigns…

Why “Second Chance” Tweets Matter: After 3 Hours, Few Care About Socially Shared Links

Via Scoop.itEmail selling for client acquisition and retention

There have been various studies suggesting that if someone doesn’t see a tweet or a Facebook post within a few hours, they’ll never see it at all. Now link shortening service is out with another.

Graphic from New Scientist charting Spam growth

Via Scoop.itEmail selling for client acquisition and retention

Take a look at the “what is spam worth?” section for an explanation of why people still send spam…

10 Email Marketing Campaign Tactics and Strategies To Build Relationships With Your Customers and Prospects

Via Scoop.itEmail selling for client acquisition and retention

These 10 tactics have been talked about a lot in various places, but drawn together here in one useful list.  Not all apply to each campaign, but a great checklist…

6 Email Marketing Predictions for 2012

Via Scoop.itEmail selling for client acquisition and retention

As 2011 draws to a close, our thoughts race ahead to the campaign plans of tomorrow. What should the forward-thinking email marketer be considering as part of their email program for 2012?

A brief guide to spamtraps

Via Scoop.itEmail selling for client acquisition and retention

This is the best and most informed piece on spam traps I have come across.  Read and digest…

Email marketing OF THE FUTURE! – Word to the Wise

Via Scoop.itEmail selling for client acquisition and retention

…a lot of email marketing (and direct marketing in general) relies on the consumer being lazy… This isn’t the case in email. Marketers don’t control the channel, the ISPs and end users do. This requires a shift in thinking in order to effectively use the channel.

Email Marketing is still the Top investment area for smaller businesses

Via Scoop.itEmail selling for client acquisition and retention

StrongMail have released their 2012 marketing trends study.  Not surprisingly Email Marketing is going to get more budget in 2012 as is Social Media, but to a lesser extent.   The challenge is integrating these two channels effectively… 

Grow Your Service Firm – Step 3 – what do you REALLY do for your clients?

We’re putting the lessons contained in Robert Craven’s new book “Grow Your Service Firm” into action.  We’re putting the book to the test and reporting through this blog what we have done and the results we achieve.

The next step in the book is what Robert calls “Action Point Questions”.   Here are his questions and our answers:

What is your client’s problem/need/hurt?
They want/need more sales OR have not got enough sales coming in.

Why and when do they have the need?
They have the need because most businesses are poor at finding new prospects to turn into new clients.

They feel this need most when they look at the bank statement or overdue bills they can’t pay.

What can they do to have this hurt resolved/sorted?
Engage us to find them more prospects that they can then turn into clients!

What can you do to resolve the hurt/pain?
Find them more prospects that they can turn into clients.

List the benefits of working with you (make them measureable and quantifiable)

  1. Our  clients get a regular stream of new prospects to turn into customers
  2. Our clients get consistent, regular communications out to their customers to ensure they stay engaged and don’t fade away to the competition next time they have an order or requirement
  3. By working with us, clients have regular discussions about their business and how to generate more sales for it.  These discussions and our expertise always enhance the client’s ability to sell and help them convert more prospects to customers
  4. By paying us, clients have a strong desire to get a return on their investment and so put a lot more effort into sales.  And we drive this too!

Our view:  Writing this down makes it clear to us that we should be working for everyone!  Our whole business model is founded on the belief that most companies are unable or unwilling to find sufficient prospect to turn into customers to drive their business growth.

ie.  Our clients are good at turning prospects into customers, but finding these prospects is the hard part.  Are we right?


Grow Your Service Firm – Update on progress so far

OK, we’ve taken a week to get clear on what we’re good at and where we need to improve.  Based on what we found out in Step 1, it’s clear that clients are getting great value from what we are doing for them, but sometimes we don’t communicate as well as we could about what it happening, going to happen and when for their monthly campaigns.

What have we done?  Our first instinct was to build an extension of our CRM system to log and update clients, but we quickly discounted that and instead have a new extra large whiteboard in the office!  We’re using this to track each client’s monthly campaigns and make sure they know about each step in the process.

The result.  Having just taken on three new clients, this is already making life easier in keeping track of all our client campaigns.  Thanks Robert – first measurable result.