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The shocking truth about email subject lines

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A subject line’s the first thing email recipients look at when deciding whether or not to open your business’ e-marketing efforts, right? Wrong. It’s all about who sent the email….

Business Writing: The WIIFM Principle – ‘Net Features – Website Magazine

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WIIFM, What’s In It For Me, are without a doubt, the most important five letters in your business writing, your Web site, maybe even in your business success. Always tell people what’s in it for them when they do business with you.

Email Marketing Case Studies: Improving Revenue with Email

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How Email Marketing can improve your business, product or service’s success will very wildly depending on your marketing goals and the purpose of email in your marketing mix. However, what cannot be debated is that Email Marketing and email communications to customers absolutely deliver results…

Is RFM Useful in Email Marketing?

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Direct marketers have been using recency, frequency, and monetary (RFM) analysis to predict customer behavior for more than 60 years.

How could you improve your communications for males and females?

A major London research organization has been doing extremely well when it comes to bringing in research from the public, this is information is used to help larger organisations to improve their consumer products, providing the public with a voice.

This research organisation wanted to push even further and improve the size of the survey panel and volume of surveys being taken by different people.

The work that was done helped look at a way that they could approach different people in different ways, to specifically aim their communications at different people and make the reader feel wanted, special and willing to contribute.

This was done by sending samples of different messages out to gender specific audiences. One of the first things compared was whether or not to use the company image header or to use a text header instead.

This would mean when the email was received by its reader, straight away the reader would be able to see who it was from and respond, without downloading the images. When sending out this sample, statistics show that the text header emails were opened by another 3.03% of the receivers and 1% more click-throughs to the web survey.

The way in which you could consider this approach is by making your communications more gender specific by experimenting with colour and possibly gender rewards. Tests are now underway with combinations of colour, incentive, message format and wording to deliver a further 3% in email click-throughs. For each percentage point delivered 233 more people will complete monthly surveys, so the overall aim is to make the method as targeted and successful as it can be.

If you would like further advice or information on this approach please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01672 505050 or email

Great service isn’t dead in Mobile phone companies…

I’ve never thought too much about our mobile phones.  Every 2 years we get new handsets and a new contract from Vodafone (it’s the only network that works in rural Wiltshire!).  The bills are not too high, so whilst I’ve checked alternatives before renewing, we’ve never found anything worth switching to.

But this time it was different… we came across a company called Sunrise.  They seem to specialise in smaller businesses so took the time to talk with us and actually listen to our needs.  It was a bit of a shock!

They then came back with a deal that was similar to dealing direct with Vodafone in the first year but they were willing to give us new handsets or a kit fund to buy the handsets ourselves.  The £360 per line that we got as a kit fund was sufficient to get new handsets.

Whilst we are on a two year contact, we get a new kit fund again next year!  Yes, in 12 months…  we need to renew the contract for a further 2 years, but this kit fund will pay for the whole cost of next years phone contacts.  So now we’re really reducing the cost of our mobile phones.

We’re pretty happy with that but Sunrise isn’t finished yet.  They then go on to talk about how by consolidating other telecoms services, we can reduce costs in other areas and reduce administration too.  Next we are going to get them to integrate our broadband, line rental and fixed line phones.

Not only will this reduce our costs further, but it will also allow us to use mobile handsets as office extensions and route direct lines to mobiles, etc, etc.  So we can work more effectively whilst saving money.

The moral of this story is that technology is moving very fast in the telephony market, not with new products, but by integrating existing services together to make everything work better.  And companies like Sunrise can help businesses to work smarter and save money at the same time.

Drop me a message if you want an introduction or check out their website:

Does your email marketing need a new prescription?

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Being an email marketer, it’s funny how often you bump into something that makes you think of work! A little while ago after visiting the doctor, I received an email about ordering repeat prescriptions.

The perils of segmenting your database…

We have long been advocates of segmenting your database and then sending different messages to different parts of the database.  Makes sense… and allows you to target different parts of the database with different offers.

But care is needed.  What if the same person is in two parts of your database?  Would they get two conflicting messages?  Or would the messages be complimentary?

Unlikely! I hear you say.  Well… I like the email marketing from Crew Clothing, but getting two messages from them today one offering a 15% discount and the other a 20% discount makes me ask “why am I not in the 40% discount group?”

So, take care with segmented offers to your database.

Could after-hours email restrictions hurt email marketers?

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The rapid growth of mobile technology and its adoption throughout society has arguably been a boon to both employers and employees. When put in capable hands, a smart phone can be an incredible promoter of productivity.

But that doesn’t mean that smart phones are perfect. There’s a reason, after all, that many corporate workers given Blackberries coined the term ‘Crackberry.’   In short, one of the most attractive features of smart phones (24/7 connectivity and communication) is one of its greatest downsides. Information overload is a real threat, and employees are, in many cases, effectively always on the job.   Thanks to legislation signed into law last month, smart phones could now put employers in Brazil in a tough spot…