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Content Fuels Social Media Interaction

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Older research study still very relevant…Content is the fuel of social interaction on the Web: Nearly one-quarter (23%) of all social media messages and one-half (47%) of industry-specific social messages contain links to content, according to a new study by AOL and Nielsen. 

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Use audience targeting to improve content marketing results

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Internet marketing yields a lot of data, but it’s only helpful if brands use audience segmenting for context that drives conversions.

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B2B Blogger Outreach Strategies

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If you are a fan of word of mouth marketing and blogger outreach, but have always thought it was more of a B2C tactic or if you do blogger outreach for B2B and are ready to ramp up your strategy— you’re at the right post.

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Spot On: How to Write the Perfect Post [INFOGRAPHIC]

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This breaks down the steps you should take to have successful posts on a number of social networks.

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Reengaging Buyers with Better Retargeting

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Retargeting is an incredibly effective tool for modern day B2B marketers. In this post, we break down the what, why and how of B2B marketing retargeting.

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Should the DMA know better?

We’re all human and make mistakes, but if you set yourself up as the arbiter of correct behaviour in a market, should you not live up to some sort of minimum standard?  Or am I just being a grumpy git? 🙂

Got this email from the Direct Marketing Association today:


So it looks pretty reasonable without images loaded, although I do think that they could use a wider template.  I suspect they are trying a “one size fits all” to work on mobile devices as well as email clients – responsive design guys??


So the primary link is clearly the blue URL right at the top of the email.  That’s what they want me to click on as it’s at the top of the email – right?  erm no…  This is where the link takes me:


Ok so they’ve put in a bad link.  I’ve done the same (more than once) so can forgive them that.  But the story looks interesting so I read on and click the link in the body of the email and it works – I get to the DMA’s website.

Excited to read the content, I’m frustrated to find I now have to register with the site to view the content.  Oh well, I’m sure I’ve registered before, so I eventually have to register again as I can’t find the login.  I get sent an email that needs me to click on a link (yes, double opt-in, good practice in action).  So now to view the content I’ve tried so hard to get to…


What!!  I’ve just registered.  Now I’m told that the registration I was offered was not enough to give me the content I was offered in the email they sent me.  I give up…

However there is an important message here.  If you have content to share with a segment of your newsletter audience, create a segmented list and only send articles that the recipients can access to them – or risk royally upsetting them.




Three awesome email campaigns from the travel sector

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The different ways in which travel brands use email marketing is fascinating. Whilst some companies are doing very little to add value to their email programmes, there are many that are really innovating in the inbox. Recently, we have been spoilt with some very effective use of email. Here are three of our favourites:

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What do you mean by responsive design?

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There is an expectation that websites should be responsive and work across devices.

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55% of businesses now have a mobile optimised site: report

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More than half of companies (55%) now have mobile optimised websites, according to our new Reducing Customer Struggle Report.

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Someone at Sainsburys pressed the send button early!

Ouch!  We all know the feeling – you hit the send button them instantly regret it.  But what if you are sending on behalf of one of the UKs largest retailers?  Double ouch!

So I get a message from Alchemy Worx this morning and open it expecting it to be their regular newsletter.  It’s got an odd subject line, but maybe they are trying something different.  What I saw in my email is this:


But when I open the email I get this:



  1. The yellow highlighting is me.  But the rest is very much down to Sainsburys and their email sender.
  2. The subject line must be an internal reference.
  3. The sending email address is the default one for Alchemy Worx, who I assume are the sending agent for Sainsburys.
  4. The second worst bit for me is the mailmerge failure in salutation.

The worst bit took some hard work to capture for you, but see if you can see what is wrong with the email if you finally get to the bottom…


Bit too long maybe???

Just to add insult to… well, more insult, I replied to the email saying maybe they had let a test loose into the wild – gone feral 🙂  but the email bounced straight back to me.  wonder how the conversation with the Alchemy Worx account manager and the Sainsburys Marketing Director will go…!