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10 things to avoid using in your email subject lines

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Writing an email subject line is a fine art that requires a high level of creativity as well as careful analysis of what customers respond to.

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The TRUTH about email subject lines

If you are in any way involved in email marketing, you will KNOW that the subject line is vital to the success of your email campaign.  And all the stats prove it.

But how long should your subject line be?  Well there is a strong body of evidence to help you here:

Econsultancy shows in this article that shorter subject lines are best:


But then Email Audience says longer subject lines are best:


… Confused?  Well just to finish off, Mailchip guru John Foreman says subject line length means absolutely nothing:


As J0hn says “As your subject line gets longer, nothing happens. Cheers.”

So that’s cleared things up then.  There are three schools of thought, one promoting short subject lines, one longer subject lines and one neither.  So what I would urge you to do if you want to get your subject line working for you is to go back and read the detail of all three of these articles because they all really say the same thing in the end: “your audience is made up of individuals and will respond like individuals.  Figure out what interests them and what they respond to and give them more of that”.

Now, Next Month, Next Year

footprintsMany businesses we know are great at focussing on the most crucial tasks that are affecting their business now and generating more sales and leads now. But what about next month, next year and years to come…?

Businesses we speak to say ‘I haven’t got time to focus on business that I’m not going to get until next year’. If only there was a way for you to plan and schedule sales, allowing you time to focus on business now, business next month and business next year.

There’s a solution that may be able to help you. A sales system.

With a sales system you can schedule reminders to prompt you act on certain tasks at the right time. For example You’ve spoken to a prospect and they’ve told you that they are in a contract at the moment, but your business offers them something that they may be interested in, in 6 months. You can schedule a reminder to contact this prospect in 6 months’ time and turn them into business for you. Rather than thinking ‘I’m not going to get business from this prospect now, ignore’.

A sales system works by listing the steps needed to turn interest into business.  And the sales system in action is your sales process.  If you want to see a typical sales process take a look here.

Your sales process helps you keep track of all the customers that are ready to buy now, or in the future and keeps you connected with them so that those future sales happen.

A good sales system helps your business grow to its potential.  Get in touch by emailing us at or calling us on 01672 50 50 50.

5 point checklist to select the right sales system for your business

footprintsIt is more important than ever to seek out practical, impartial advice to ensure that you choose the right system to match your business needs. Nett Sales is a ‘user’ of these systems, rather than a vendor. As such we can provide you with all the help and support you require to select the best software and system vendor for your business.

Here are 5 tips which will help you select a sales system that meets the needs of your business:

  • Build a selection committee from the decision makers within your business
  • Interview stakeholders from all levels to gather their system requirements
  • Document your requirements in particular anything which is specific to your business
  • Agree project objectives and deliverables
  • Research the marketplace and engage with vendors early in the process

How Nett Sales can help you?

It is more important than ever to seek out practical advice, which is why Nett Sales has teamed up with  a number of vendors and brokers.

Nett Sales offers impartial advice to ensure that you choose the system that matches your business needs, rather than just what that specific vendor offers. You can get all the help and support you require to select the best system for your business. And if you’d like independent advice on selecting the right system for you, email us at or call 01672 50 50 50.

The Next Big Thing: Scaring the Sh*t Out of Your Customers

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Check out this video from john st. and learn how it’s much more than just a hilarious parody of the marketing industry.

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Before & After: How to Fix These 7 Horrible Headlines

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Learn what mistakes to look out for when crafting headlines, and how to avoid them in your own content creation.

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How To Stand Out As A B2B Marketer [Infographic]

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Already, 93% of B2B marketers are making use of content marketing; so you’re well aware that content marketing is a key investment. What’s the difference between effective and ineffective B2B content marketers? 

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20 retailers integrating Pinterest into their email marketing

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It’s not just casual Pinterest users making their own boards and pinning images, brands are fast discovering that sharing and adding pins to their own products can be an effective way to drive users to their ecommerce sites.

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The Peaks and Troughs of business. How to turn it into constant, steady growth

How has your sales and marketing activity gone this year? Has it been peaks and troughs or a steady stream of income?

A typical SMEs income cycle may look something like this:


You’ve just set up your business and you have been focussing your time on marketing to get your product/ service seen by your audience. Naturally, customers start to buy and you see sales increase. Your focus now shifts to handling these sales, processing the orders and sending out deliveries which leaves no time for lead generation and marketing.

As there is no active marketing going on, business starts to slow down.  So you kick off your marketing again. Now all your attention is on getting more people buying from you, as income has hit on all-time low. Your efforts work  but just like before you need to stop selling to get customers’ orders processed and delivered as promised…. And so it continues…. Marketing activity increases, customers buy, sales reduce, and income reduces and so on….

Is there a way where your business can get steady income from steady sales which are constant throughout the year? So your income looks something like this:


This would be achievable if you are able to concentrate all your time on business and not worry about lead generation and sales. Nett Sales could help. We  run your lead generation campaigns for you and find the people that are interested in buying from you now.

To learn more about the Nett Sales process and how this can generate you the business you deserve as well as giving you time to focus on business itself. Call us for a friendly chat on 01672 50 50 50 or read more about us here.

Why LinkedIn Needs to Be Apart of Your B2B Strategy

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B2B Marketers should incorporate Linkedin into their social marketing strategy

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