4 step process to turn your contacts into customers

goalDo you struggle to turn contacts in to customers? Nett Sales specialises in providing hot leads for businesses through distribution channels.

Here is our 4 step process to help you turn your contacts into customers:

  1. Decide who your whole market is: There are lots of businesses you COULD send to but who SHOULD you be sending it to?
  2. Send a series of emails to this contact list: It is important to build trust with your contacts; this can be done by sending bits of your knowledge and your experience. The aim is to build your credibility over a period of months.
  3. Qualify: Just because contacts have shown interest doesn’t mean they want to buy from you. There are a few reasons that people click, they are generally interested in what you have to offer or just nosey and bored. Telemarketing is an important part of the process. This allows you to remove all the just being nosey and board contacts so you can get to the ones who are interested whether it is today or at some point in the future.
  4. Repeat: Once the contacts that are ready to buy are passed to your sales team, it’s important to repeat this process. This allows you to build trust over a period of time with contacts until they are ready to be fed to your sales team.

In the past we have helped many businesses like yours to boost their sales process. You can see some examples here.