8 Dangerous (But Common) Misconceptions About Email Marketing

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In terms of digital marketing channels, email marketing is one of the oldest. More than a decade counts as a long time in digital marketing, you know.


That means it’s had more than its fair share of time to accumulate plenty of misconceptions and myths about how it works. But the times, they are a’ changin’, guys.


Some of these myths make sense — perhaps they were once grounded in reality, but over time best practices have changed, yet the myths persisted. The other myths? They’re just a bunch of hulabaloo! But they’re the kind of misconceptions that, if marketers believe them, can really impact the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns. And nobody wants that.


So, this blog post will cover all of the common myths and misconceptions that plague the email marketing world, and debunk them once and for all. And of course, if you have any myths of your own you’d like debunked, submit them in the comments — perhaps we’ll even need a part two to this post!

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