A bad example of email marketing

We regularly collect great examples of what NOT to do with your email marketing.  You may also find it easier to see bad examples and how to avoid them rather than trying to follow good examples.

This email has two of my pet hates in it:

  • Loads of images at the top of the email
  • it talks about the sending and nothing about the recipient.

What do you think:

we don't like this!

If you were to receive this, the first thing you may notice is the from email address “mailings@efx.co.uk”.

Does this sound like a communication that is going to be of value or interest to you?  I don’t think so.

The next thing you may notice on previewing the message are the two large blue boxes at the top of the email.  This is where images should be – but most email programs don’t display them, replacing them with a red cross and warning message.  Not ideal!

Finally, I’ve highlighted “we” & “our” within the email.

This is all about the sender.  The recipient gets one mention at the end “you can search…” but that’s it.

So, what to do differently?

  1. Change the sending email address to something a little more customer friendly
  2. start with text at the top of the email then put the images at the bottom of the email.  At least then recipients will know why they are being asked to download the images and may feel more inclined to do so.
  3. re-write the text to focus on the recipient and the recipient’s issues, not just a recounting of how great the senders’ website is.  Ask “what benefit will the recipient get?” and answer that question in the email.

Happy emailing…