A brief guide to spamtraps

Via Scoop.itEmail selling for client acquisition and retention

This is the best and most informed piece on spam traps I have come across.  Read and digest…
Via blog.wordtothewise.com


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  2. Thank you Byron Katie for The Work. My mind’s thoughts ran me amok while on a beautiful month long vacation. it is like the stealth bomber, if one is not vigilent, all of a sudden you are at the effect of a thought like a puppet on a string.

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  10. Hey du Ich hab auch post von dieser firma bekommen und frage mich nun wie die das zu solchen preisen unterbringen können???Ich mein ein kleid was ich sonst bei h&m für gut 30-50€ zu kriegen ist da für 11$ angeboten???Hast du da mal was bestellt?Würde gerne wissen wo da der haken an der sache ist???Würde mich echt über ne rückemldung freuenPain

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  13. Aku x de abg tp ade adik laki..nak cium pipi pon segan..apatah lg nak cium mulot then upload tnjuk kat semua org..bila la pompuan ni nak insaf?????Hot debate. What do you think? 9  1

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  16. Oh my. Please accept my condolences for your loss, and my deep respect for the sacrifice that your son-in-law made. All best wishes for healing to you and all your family.

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  20. Mr. Banks, this was the most humorous piece of anything I have read for a while. The title really got my attention. I am going to check out that book too.Anyway, I have to agree in part with the impediment of persuasive communications, however tying it all to an increase in mental illness? I do not think so. As with anything, including Facebook, use it in moderation. As my old battleaxe French professor taught me (about wine) quality over quantity.And the sexual potential relations between the two co-workers isolated by e-mails – too funny! I used to love to send my dishy boss innuendos in e-mails all the time. I digress…

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  39. These are beautiful pieces in memory of Jordan and Carleigh. I only have the one necklace that you sent me a few years ago, and it means so much to me. Not only because it reminds me of Isaiah, but a special friend had sent it to me, knowing how sad I was at the time…..<3

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