‘Email Selling’ – comparing apples with apples!

Email system providers are often very good at developing great, feature rich email and communications platforms. Even if it’s a great system what they are often less good at is making clear how you generate profit and business from them. As one of our contacts has said; Getting it right is one thing. Just doing it and following up is another.

“the key skill is getting the message right and to all the right people. And that’s still up to me”.

Most well respected email marketers tend to focus on and be satisfied with generating email and web clickthroughs. The traditional approach says:

  1. Decide who your whole market is (eg. Facilities Managers in companies of more than 100 staff, Sales Directors in Southern England, etc.)
  2. Acquire their contact details. If you already know how to build a list of clean, opted in contacts, we suggest you start here now. But if you don’t, talk to us and we’ll show you.
  3. Send a series of emails to this contact list, gathering response data (open and click data as you go).
  4. Then they will get in touch with you and buy – right?

Wrong! These contacts, if they are interested, will click through on the links you include in the email but many of them will never get in touch with you.

Our aim at Nett Sales is to introduce you to ‘email selling’ – sending short emails that share knowledge and advice, to help you find, convert and retain customers. As a company that can really show you how to send short emails to get more sales, you can engage us or ask for help in getting the best out of your email and sales campaigns; whichever email provider you use.

So, now you might begin to see how you could send a series of emails to your contact lists, to share knowledge, market insights and resources with them. Your aim is to build your credibility in their eyes over a period of months. So then you call up the ones that have clicked on links as they are leads?

Again No!

What these contacts have done is to make an “Expression of Interest”. They may be nosey but with no need, bored, vaguely interested or not interested right now. All these contacts require a qualifying call to discuss the issue raised in the email they clicked on. This is not a sales call – view it as a customer service call.

Then (finally!) contacts that express interest, engage with you and are qualified in conversation  (they have a need, budget and authority) are the leads that get fed to the sales team and get turned into orders.

The remainder of the contacts are recycled, sent next month’s email (or targeted follow ups) and can be re-qualified time and again until they are ready to be fed to the sales team.

Now that is a repeatable process to feed the sales team with leads!

To see more on this new sales process follow this link. And if you are looking for advice on retaining or regularly communicating with your contacts, take a look here.