Building trust – 5 top ideas for how to get it right

In our recent post we discussed the need to build trust in order to boost sales. With no trust between you and your prospects, chances are they will make all the right noises but, when it comes to the crunch, will still fail to complete a purchase.

You’ll already be aware that at Nett Sales we recommend approaching this issue using three simple steps:

  • Know – Who are your prospects? Have you organised them into an orderly database? Are you able to quickly and easily communicate with them on a regular basis?
  • Trust – Building trust means making yourself useful to your prospects without even mentioning your products or services. Answering questions, offering useful information and sharing your experiences can all help to add value to the relationship without asking them to purchase. This is trust building.
  • Buy – Once you have your prospects actively engaging with you regularly, it should be straightforward to identify buying signals in your contacts, and to be on hand with the perfect solution to their needs, when they need it. And they’ll buy from you, because they trust you.

Of these three steps, probably the most difficult one to master is step two. Anyone can build a database of contacts, and anyone can sell to some red hot leads who already have a level of trust. Building that trust is often the place many will fall down.

5 top ideas for building trust


  1. Website – Customers expect this of businesses. But it is not enough to simply have a website for your business, you also need to ensure it is a good website, full of trust building signals such as testimonials from previous clients, examples of past projects and details of any awards or key successes you have had.
  2. Newsletters – An easy way to reach out to your prospects in one hit is to develop a well put together, informative newsletter that you can send out monthly. Include success stories or feedback from clients to add to your credibility.
  3. Case studies – Develop a few case studies of successful past projects. These will be trustworthy gold dust on your website, blog or in hard copy format.
  4. Discussion groups – Get involved in industry specific forums or discussion groups on social networks to demonstrate your expertise. Offer advice and opinion with the angle of “well, this is what worked for our customer…” and you’ll come across as expert and humble at the same time.
  5. Blog posts – Well written blog posts on topical industry issues is a great way to demonstrate your depth of knowledge and understanding in your sector. Allow comments to be posted and be ready to respond to them in a timely fashion.

In addition to this, there are many other methods for trust building that may work better for your business. From direct mail and advertising to webinars and press releases, get in touch and we’ll help you decide where the focus of your attention should lie.