Dave West’s view of Nett-sales

What does Nett sales do?


Nett sales also sends the contacts sales advice, to try and help the contact so that they might want to become a customer to Nett Sales’ client.

How does Nett Sales do this?

Nett Sales acquires a list of contacts and emails these contacts with several links embedded in them. If the receiver of these emails clicks on one of the links that is called a “click” but if they click on the link that a Nett Sales customer wants them to see, that is called a “hot click”. The “hot clicks” are then put into another list that will be contacted again by phone and asked if they are interested in buying the product that the Nett Sales’ customer is selling.

What do Nett sales customers get?

Nett sales customers get a list of people that are interested in buying their product that they can follow up on and potentially get sales for their company.  On average in 2012 Nett Sales grew their clients’ businesses by 17%.


Nett Sales on the move…

We are pleased to let you know that we have moved to new offices in the lovely village of Aldbourne, as from the beginning of November.


Our address details are below:

Nett Sales LLP
East Office
Smiths Barn
West Street

And this is the view!


Our contact phone numbers, website and emails remain unchanged. Please can you up date your records accordingly.