Channel Sales: Do leads really equal ££s?

7K0A0246Channel sales can be a great way to get your product/service the most exposure to your audience. You don’t need your own sales department and you can leave it to the expert dealers to sell your products/services for you.

But how well do you know your dealers and resellers? Do you know what they really care about? We have researched online and through LinkedIn to find out what resellers care about most.

Resellers want to sell more and the more leads they have the more sales they can generate. It’s a no brainer right?

Leads are great but resellers don’t want hundreds of dead end leads that don’t go anywhere.  What they really care about are hot leads that they know will convert into sales.

As Bob Segal argues ‘resellers place the highest value on leads, but they are rarely satisfied with the volume or quality of the leads they receive’. The leads they want need to be good quality that they can quickly turn into sales, and they want plenty of them. They want, as Brian Seelinger suggests “when they say lead; they really mean sales. They are talking about the low hanging fruit being directed to them.”

Your resellers want to be able to make a sale quickly and without much effort.

Nett sales comment

All leads are not equal!  Your resellers want business they can close, not leads that you have given to three other dealers over the last month then passed on down the chain till someone sells them something.

If you want to get your resellers closing great business for you, giving them great leads that they turn into business is a sure way to secure their loyalty.  Here’s how we suggest generating great leads for your resellers: