CPD questions

Who is your organisation?

What is CPD?

What does the CPD Standards Office do?

Who are your customers?

What is your history / background?

What do you assess?

What does your assessment criteria cover?

How do I go through your assessment process?

What do I receive on becoming accredited?

Do you have any information about your accreditation criteria?

How is your assessment independent?

What if I fail the assessment process?

What about protecting my training materials?

Is CPD a regulated area?

What gives you the authority to accredit?

Who recognises you?

Which professional bodies have you worked with?

What’s The Difference Between You & Being Accredited By A Professional Body?

What is the difference between you and the CPD Certification Service?

I am already accredited for CPD with the CPD Certification Service:

Why Should We Be Accredited By You When Our Activities Or Coaching Already Count For CPD?