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  2. Again. Tanking games would be pointless when we dont even have a first round pick in this years draft. That pick was going to the clippers in the sam cassel trade years ago. That pick was traded to New Orleans in the Chris Paul trade. We could possibly get Utah’s pick from the Jefferson trade, but Utah would have to be the 8th seed and lose in the first round. Other wise there will be no 1st round picks.

  3. “Catholics have a doctrine of Papal infallibility, but most of them don’t really believe that. Mormons have no doctrine of Prophetic infallibility, but most of them don’t really believe that either.”

  4. “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.” She placed the shell to her ear and screamed. There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear. She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is completely off topic but I had to tell someone!

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  6. Your garden makes me want to go start digging in the dirt right now! We have a wee garden – my husband’s territory – but neither one of us are all that good at gardening. Hopefully, we’ll get better every year! In the meantime, I like to look at gardens like yours and just dream.

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  11. The voice of rationality! Good to hear from you.

  12. The 4 officers and 8 Directors of Westport PAL are listed at Statement 7 of the Form 990 Tax return.That statement also lists the compensation, benfits and expenses paid to each of those 12 individuals: zero.That statement also lists the key employees: none.Sounds like Pal needs a volunteer Devil’s Advocate to help to keep their website as transparent as possible.

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  32. I just watched the video. Did I miss something? The only thing I seen & heard was someone explaining our constitutional rights! Or should I say the rights we use to have!!!!

  33. Is JH a moron for “maybe” switching QBs? We don’t know because JH as usual is jerking us off… as usual. We’ll find out after Kap plays the Saints. It’s a risk true but maybe JH knows something about QBs…Let’s see

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  40. Link is working for me now. This is a fascinating development on the Iran saga. It’s nice to see other nations’ acting against Iran. Not that other countries aren’t acting, I just haven’t seen reports like this.

  41. Vilket gym gick du pÃ¥ i New York?Hur upplevde du att det var att skaffa vänner och sÃ¥ i skolan? (förlÃ¥t för att jag alltid bombaderar dig med frÃ¥gor – men det är bara för att jag är sÃ¥ nervös/spänd och exalterad inför flytten

  42. Paul,You’re excellent at finding dirt on people/organisations and then giving short (and at times distorted) summaries of them. You should check out how Tkach Jr and two friends met up and sparked some of the major changes which ‘went public’ in the 90′s. Interesting stuff.  Dale  

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  54. I stopped reading your comment at “Before the red cards,we dominated the game”. How did we dominate the game if Ivanovic was redcarded for bringing down a player who was going on one on one with Cech? You call it dominating a game? )) I am not gonna read the rest of that drivel. Please, learn football!Reply

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  66. But 6.5 miles in 25 minutes is crazy fast. 4 minute miles for 6.5 miles is awesome! Also, I am looking to get a dog that I can take along on my runs (mostly trail). Do you sometimes take Max. If so, on or off leash? I noticed from your pics he is on a leash mostly.

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  638. C’est une belle histoire: Qui dirige? Qui choisit les hommes qui arrivent au pouvoir? Le président (qui n’a à l’époque presque un pouvoir)? Le peuple (mais qui est-il)? La chambre? Ou alors notre conteur, qui finalement entre dans les secrets de la République et peut faire capoter une décision ou la favoriser?

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  640. Human priests repeat themselves every Sunday (or Saturday, or Friday). The Higher Powers keep longer-term traditions, it seems:1812 – a Corsican general has a run-in with ice & snow in Russia1912 – a big ship hits an ice cube in the Atlantic2012 – the year the Gore Effect went worldwide.Has anyone checked for 1712?

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