The Process – data cleansing and research to get you more business

Initially Nett Sales will work with you to agree the sort of business you want and the likely audiences to generate them.

A contact list can then be built; both from our own database and other new lists.  Typically the list will run to several thousand names. And we can filter down to a list that is optimised for you.

Existing customer and prospect lists provide a starting point.  Opinions vary on ‘bought lists’ but with this process you can supplement with purchased lists or build lists from other sources.

Once you have a list of contacts, we will show or help you to validate that they still exist and obtain permission to email them by telephone. Please don’t be seduced by list provider opt ins, they mean nothing to you or your specific customer. If you want specific data advice, please call now on 01672 505050 or contact us for practical help and the latest advice on email permission and opt in.

So how do we help you?

Contacts can be drawn from any number of lists, spreadsheets or directories. Below is a quick summary of what we can do on data research and cleansing:

  1. Build a database of raw contacts
  2. Search and import additional contact details from any untapped sources. There are many data offerings but they can be confusing, so we will advise and assist, so that you feel you have someone on your side to stop you being ‘sold to’. We can then pull down names and email addresses and import / de-duplicate them into this new data set
  3. Call companies that have got contact details to confirm what you have is correct, seek an email opt in and see if we can get additional info and more contacts.
  4. For companies without contact details we will search online and then call to introduce ourselves and get the information you need. You will get name and email details for a maximum of 2 contacts in each call
  5. Once completed we can help you check the data and prepare it for your marketing or sales campaigns.


All of our data cleansing and research fees are one off costs and are expressed here as costs per contact. If you have particular budget needs, large data volumes or project targets to hit, please talk to us.

Database contact copy typing (e.g. exhibitor catalogues or printed directories) from 25p per contact – £250/1000. Copy and pasting costs are even lower

Telephone cleansing calls (described above) from 30p per contact – £300/1000

List building and telephone cleansing calls combined from 55p per contact – £550/1000

It’s not about the data – it’s about more business

Here are some of the great things you can do with the data once you have it cleansed:

  • know when your customers are ready to buy from you
  • know which prospects to follow up after emailing them a special offer (only 15% will be interested – but which 15%?)
  • keep all your contacts securely in one place and have access to them wherever you are
  • know what issues are relevant to your contacts
  • target the right messages at the right contacts

You don’t need a technology company to build your new database. Better instead to find a company that cares about getting the right message, to the right person at the right time.

Nett Sales are neither email marketers nor telemarketers (although you can get our help with both). What are we then?

If you want to know more about how we can help you get more sales and help with data messages and sales follow up, check out ‘your Nett Sales process’. Or contact us now or call 01672 505050 to discuss your requirements.