Does Google Think Your Website Is Spam?

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I think we can all agree: Spam sucks! Everyone who uses the web knows how frustrating it is to land on a page that sounds promising in the search results but ends up being useless when you visit it. That’s web spam.


Okay, okay — I exaggerate. Not every awful website is web spam. Some companies just happen to have bad websites. However, unlike those bad sites, the creators of web spam deliberately (in most cases) manipulate search engines in order to get their content ranking in search results. Not cool.


Here’s the kicker: Let’s say you’re a sole proprietor who’s hired someone to do SEO for you. Or maybe you manage a marketing team, and SEO has always been one of those things you wish you had time for but decided to outsource instead. How do you know that the SEO you’re outsourcing is truly legitimate and won’t result in your website being considered spammy?

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