Five simple rules to help you succeed in sales

Here at Nett Sales we are always looking to broaden our skill set by employing different selling techniques. This week I have been reading ‘You can’t teach a kid to ride a bike at a seminar’ by David H. Sandler, I will be posting information and useful techniques as I read the book, I hope you find it useful!

Before reading the book I did some research and found many testimonials like these:

“We have consistently grown 15 to 30% per year with virtually no attrition of clients.” – W. Scott Gantt, President, Benefit Controls of the Carolinas, Inc.

“(Jim) helped me and my sales team to raise our sales by over 25% during the first year.” – Harvey Eden

“My business has doubled since I began the program.” – Lou Amico, President, L.A. Management Company, LLC

“After one year in Sandler our sales jumped 30% and now after three years in the program sales continue to climb.” – Rhett Seel, SVP, Bonitz Contracting

Obviously these were testimonials for the ‘face to face sales training’. Is the book equally helpful?!

Sandler likens teaching someone to sell to learning to ride a bike. You can think about it all you like (attend all the seminars in the world) but ultimately, the only way to get better at selling is….Selling! You have to put yourself out there, taking yourself outside of your comfort zone in order to grow as a salesperson.

So, down to business, the 5 key concepts for “mastering the sales dance” are:

  1. Qualify your prospects
  2. Extract your prospects “pain”
  3. Verify the prospect has money
  4. Be sure your prospect is a decision maker
  5. Match your service or product to the prospect’s “pain”

I will break down each of these 5 points in my next posts with my take on how to implement them successfully.