Getting noticed in your potential customer’s Inbox

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Getting to the desired inbox in one piece is only a fraction of the journey that your emails have to take. Once there, you’re message is locked in a fight to the death for your recipient’s time and attention.


If your message does make it as part of the 19% non-work-related, non-spam, and non-personal category, it still has hundreds of other emails in the same inbox to contend with. Make sure that it stands a chance.

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  10. Hey another blog buddy and neighbor of mine will be there in September. We live in Chicago too. I wish I had known about the other conferences! Looking forward to seeing you there in 'Nati!

  11. Kea, if you don’t mind me asking, I also would be curious what the connection you allude to is between topos theory and computer science. Or do you just mean that category theory in general is of relevance to computer science?

  12. yup I definitely see that happen. Less data for the same amount of monthly cost, eventhough it costs the carriers WAY less money per data now they’ve upgraded the network to HSPA .

  13. Asking politely rather than getting up and walking around the table for what they want….sitting vs. standing at the table….there are just so many to list–we REALLY need those table manner cards!

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  18. 10/09/2012 at 12:53 pmI’m really enjoying this series! I actually brought it up in our weekly staff meeting this morning and I’ve sent out part 1 and 2 to our sales team. Also loved the mini shout-out in yesterday’s post. Can’t wait to read part 3 tomorrow!-Emily, Catering by Uptown Reply

  19. – Zuma MUST go! says:November 9, 2012 at 8:49 am So you believe sport is NOT a medium by which kids are socialised into values that are beneficial to humanity?Like ‘fair play’? ‘Sportmanship’?And you see NO LINK to adult moral corruption like a Minister who tells her staff that equality before the law is a nice idea in theory but they better not try it with her?

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  40. One thing I should mention, there hasn’t been any conservatism in government for some time – like since the mid 1990s – not sure how anything can be compared. Lots of promises though, just no delivery.

  41. Reads to me like Greenslade was in a hurry, so he did the minimum.Lots of bloggers, including yourself, do a better job than lots of pros. As a recovering journalist of 35 years, I also agree with Francis: Editor/publishers get what they pay for (or don't pay for). And many journalists research and write more than one piece a day, so some work gets the professionalism, some gets the laziness. Laziness also being a journalistic trait.

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  93. Shannon,Your right these are 4 big problems most orgs have. I’d add to #4 that even if an org has a strategic plan it often means nothing to the line level staff. I have had some successes in this by weaving the strategic plan in to individual goals.If you find that blue pill drop me a note.-CAH

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