Give your resellers the gift of your product knowledge this Christmas

sales statsBusiness is steady but you want to make a big impact in your market to become a key player for 2014. You sell through a channel and have many resellers but some better than others!

Generally 80% of your sales come from 20% of your resellers.  So the 80% of your resellers offers a major opportunity for you (see this blog talking about the “other 80%”).

But how to engage them?

Leads are the traditional answer but many channel professionals argue that leads are not at the top of the list that resellers really want. Mauricio Roa suggests “I believe that leads should not be the centre point of a program.”

Providing an untrained reseller with great leads usually just makes them look foolish.  Resellers need knowledge and training to generate a sale.

A channel expert with lots of experience with resellers, Andy Harcup says “there is no better value than teaching the reseller to prospect. If you arrange regular vendor sessions that teach the reseller how to prospect properly then leads will come naturally.” Once your dealers understand your products/services and can talk about the benefits they bring to the purchaser, they will be more confident and motivated to make sales for you. Hesham El Komy makes a great point by saying “The quicker and better they are trained the quicker and more effectively they bring in their own net new business.” By training your resellers they will no longer be dependent on your input and leads. They will be able to gain more business for you independently.

So give the gift of great knowledge to your resellers this Christmas for a happy New Year.