Grow Your Service Firm – Step 1 – Review

So, we’re putting the lessons contained in Robert Craven’s new book “Grow Your Service Firm” into action.  We’re going to put the book to the test and report through this blog what we have done and the results we achieve.

The starting point in Robert’s book is a couple of key questions.  Here they are along with our answers:

What is your market position now, and in the future?

We’re well differentiated from our competitors by majoring on getting sales results for our clients through email marketing and follow up.  Rather than this being just one creative marketing task amongst many others – which is where most of our competitors are.

Our biggest competitor is DIY – which usually means NDA (Not Do Atall)

What is your customer position (how are you seen in the minds of your customers) now and in the future?

Currently we are well perceived as experts in a narrow field, but we need to define (and keep to) a pathway for each client so they know where they (and we) are, what is expected of them, what we are doing for them and when we are doing it.

How will you achieve and sustain this new position?

We need to implement (and use!) a system and way of working that lets clients know where they are in this “Nett Sales process”, what activity is on going, results, next actions, etc. etc.

This will allow us to be able to clearly show value to clients each and every month…

Key Learning points
Wow!  I wasn’t expecting this sort of learning so early on.  It looks like I have identified a need to communicate better with our customers and tighten up the system we use to keep them updated.