Grow Your Service Firm – Step 4 – becoming an expert

We’re putting the lessons contained in Robert Craven’s new book “Grow Your Service Firm” into action.  We’re putting the book to the test and reporting through this blog what we have done and the results we achieve.

Part 2 in the book is a step by step guide to becoming an expert.  Robert argues that if you are perceived as an expert in your market, then potential customers will deal with you over your competition.  Is he right?  I think so… If I consider the business purchases we make, especially services, then we will always want to deal with a person or a business who is clearly an expert in what they do.

Robert describes the attributes of an expert like this:









… and the starting point is the one minute intro.  Anyone that has been networking at any point will know and often dread the one minute intro.  When asking “so, what do you do?” I’ve heard everything from a one word answer to a half hour lecture!  And few of the replies were informative.

Robert describes a simple process for creating your one minute intro:

1)      We work with…  interesting businesses

2)      Who have a problem with… finding new clients or getting more sales from existing clients

3)      What we do is… put your name and offer in front of potentially interested buyers and let you know which are interested

4)      So that… You can (or we can) qualify them as potential clients

5)      Which means that … you get a stream of people buying from you each month

I’ve used this new intro twice so far and it’s generated a far better response than my previous rambling explanation.  So thanks Robert!

As part of this process, we’re reviewing our company branding, hence the website change from blue to purple and the new logo.  We’re just finishing off business cards that are designed to stand out and highlight our uniqueness.  More soon…