Guide to email marketing – mobile optimisation

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Mobile optimisation? There is an imperative for email marketers to understand what this meansfor them and how best they can adjust to what is essentially a new dimension to their world. Theword optimised is one with both stretchable and shrinkable definitions, especially in the digitalsphere. For the purposes of this guide I shall consider the simplest definition, that is; ‘making thebest of.’ We can all appreciate that in our non work lives, don’t we all have to ‘optimise’ much ofthe time?   What I want to achieve in this guide is to provide marketers with some appreciation of why they should be paying attention to the massive increase in the use of mobile platforms for viewing emails, also to give you some guidelines as to how, as the definition would have it, to make the best of it for your email broadcasts.Thank you for downloading Pure360’s email marketing mobile optimisation guide. We hope you find it useful.
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