How could you improve your communications for males and females?

A major London research organization has been doing extremely well when it comes to bringing in research from the public, this is information is used to help larger organisations to improve their consumer products, providing the public with a voice.

This research organisation wanted to push even further and improve the size of the survey panel and volume of surveys being taken by different people.

The work that was done helped look at a way that they could approach different people in different ways, to specifically aim their communications at different people and make the reader feel wanted, special and willing to contribute.

This was done by sending samples of different messages out to gender specific audiences. One of the first things compared was whether or not to use the company image header or to use a text header instead.

This would mean when the email was received by its reader, straight away the reader would be able to see who it was from and respond, without downloading the images. When sending out this sample, statistics show that the text header emails were opened by another 3.03% of the receivers and 1% more click-throughs to the web survey.

The way in which you could consider this approach is by making your communications more gender specific by experimenting with colour and possibly gender rewards. Tests are now underway with combinations of colour, incentive, message format and wording to deliver a further 3% in email click-throughs. For each percentage point delivered 233 more people will complete monthly surveys, so the overall aim is to make the method as targeted and successful as it can be.

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