How to send your marketing emails

We’ve come across some really bad examples of email marketing (and featured some of them on this blog).  Some of the worst examples never get to us as they are cut by spam systems.  But a conversation with a colleague prompted me to outline the different options you have when sending email for marketing purpose.

You have three choices:

Send the emails yourself from Outlook, adding all the addresses in the BCC (blind copy) field.  Don’t do this!  Firstly, your email will often fail to be delivered as spam systems look for BCC sends and secondly, you are using your company email system for marketing emails.  This means that if you get a spam complaint, your company domain is blacklisted and you can’t get any email to any of your contacts.

Buy / Download a dedicated email marketing program.  There are some great products out there that let you do this.  And if you only want to send small volumes of email every so often to people that know you well, this approach may work.  But it means that you are taking on responsibility for ensuring deliverability of your email yourself, and this is a very technical area.  If you have the technical skills to set up and manage a dedicated domain for sending email and apply Domain keys and SPF to it then this approach will work well for you.  If you don’t understand the last sentence don’t follow this approach!

Use an Email Sending Provider.  An ESP will have dedicated infrastructure designed to get emails delivered into recipients’ inboxes.  Different ESPs serve different markets and they cost from £10 per month to several thousand depending on your requirements.  I would always recommend this option.  Let them have the hassle of managing the technical infrastructure needed to get your email delivered!

So, I said at the start you have three choices, but you don’t really.  If you are serious about email marketing, get an ESP to do the sending for you.  As to which one of the many hundred out there to choose, that’s a different matter and one that I will be writing on shortly…