I hate this…

There is nothing that makes me mad more than someone telling me that they are “allowed” to send me email because… This is a good (or bad) example:

Maybe they are legally allowed to send me an email – but why rub my nose in it?

And to make matters worse, I know I’m not in their address book and there is no way that anyone will have recommended me to them.  They’ve found my email address by using a “bot” to trawl the web automatically and grab it from a “contact us” page.  I know this because that’s the only place this email address is used.

So, what to learn from this email:

lesson 1: Don’t lie to potential customer in your email.  No one wants to deal with liars!

Lesson 2: This email was the equivalent of an advert beside the road.  Boring, bland general and talking about the advertiser.  Don’t do any of these things.  Talk about the recipient, their challenges and give them knowledge that can help them.  Don’t know what their challenges are or what knowledge can help them?  Don’t email them till you do!