Image only emails – why???

I’ve received two emails in quick succession today that left me wondering if I’m out of step with the rest of the world…

Do you receive emails that look like this:

where you are clearly expected to download their images – otherwise you can’t see the message.  Or this one that has lots of images:

Clearly the sender is expecting me to download the images in order to read their sales message.  But why would I?

The format of the email immediately marks it to me as a promotional message that does not even have the courtesy of explaining what it’s all about before I have to take action to read it.  Forget it – DELETE!

This is part of a wider concern over the sender’s views being paramount when considering communication.  In both these instances the sender is most concerned that their emails look “great” and so have failed to grasp that 80% to 90% of their audience are going to see what I showed you above.  If they had paused to consider their transmission medium and audience, they would have realised that a large part of their message should be text that is displayed whether the recipient downloads images or not…

I further advocate putting images on the right hand side of the email or at the bottom so that if they are not displayed, the email is still legible and the message gets across to the 40% to 50%  of their audience who read the email in the preview pane but don’t download their images.

I prefer to get my message read over showing off my design skills.  One brings me business, the other… !