Now, Next Month, Next Year

footprintsMany businesses we know are great at focussing on the most crucial tasks that are affecting their business now and generating more sales and leads now. But what about next month, next year and years to come…?

Businesses we speak to say ‘I haven’t got time to focus on business that I’m not going to get until next year’. If only there was a way for you to plan and schedule sales, allowing you time to focus on business now, business next month and business next year.

There’s a solution that may be able to help you. A sales system.

With a sales system you can schedule reminders to prompt you act on certain tasks at the right time. For example You’ve spoken to a prospect and they’ve told you that they are in a contract at the moment, but your business offers them something that they may be interested in, in 6 months. You can schedule a reminder to contact this prospect in 6 months’ time and turn them into business for you. Rather than thinking ‘I’m not going to get business from this prospect now, ignore’.

A sales system works by listing the steps needed to turn interest into business.  And the sales system in action is your sales process.  If you want to see a typical sales process take a look here.

Your sales process helps you keep track of all the customers that are ready to buy now, or in the future and keeps you connected with them so that those future sales happen.

A good sales system helps your business grow to its potential.  Get in touch by emailing us at or calling us on 01672 50 50 50.