Supported employment: see what you missed on Friday …

See and share an inspirational new Swindon employment video here>>

Last Friday I attended a meeting of like minded employers to hear all about the launch of Swindon’s new social enterprise and a new inclusive approach to recruitment.

 As a Swindon organisation are you interested in helping disabled, unemployed, or redundant people, to train for and find future employment?

 If so, I urge you to take a look at the stunning new ‘Exceptional Enterprise’ video from award winning video director, William Blake on supported employment. See: This video will show you how Swindon and Wiltshire employers and managers like you and I can get some clear business benefits from giving disabled and disadvantaged people the opportunity to work.

I’ve seen how Heather Mitchell of Seqol ( and Ann King of Energy2 ( and their teams are doing incredible work to launch this new supported employment initiative. And for my part I’ve found it inspiring to step away from the day to day of helping clients to get more sales (by sending short emails and social messages that share knowledge) to work with Energy2 on database building, sales campaigns and local packing projects.

I was moved by the eight minute YouTube video to want to send you this note. And although you may not know me, I urge you to take a look and share this message or video link with your business contacts.

 If you’d like to know more please email to let me know!

 Thank you in advance


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