Carl Wheatley

Who are you?

One of the founding partners of Nett Sales LLP. I’m a firm believer in the power of sharing ideas and knowledge to help build long term relationships.  I first worked as a Radiographer. Right from the early days of NHS training I realised how incredibly important trust is in relationships, even with people you’ve just met! The best parts of the job are the variety of sales work, getting to know people, working with them to grow their business and helping them tackle the challenges they face.

Nett Sales allows me to help other business and sales people turn contacts into customers and show them how to sell by building trust

Where do you see Nett Sales in 10 years?

The building blocks of Nett Sales are in building contact lists, telling stories, sharing knowledge and starting conversations to get more sales. This is what I call ‘old time sales’. Whilst I can see communication methods changing quickly, I don’t see these fundamentals changing as much. The Nett Sales team is great and whilst I see it growing further from five to ten people I hope that in the process the ethos of the company will stay strong.  I moved from Nottingham to the Marlborough area 12 years ago and love the work and life here.

What do you do outside work?

Outside of work I enjoy nothing more than driving our 1967 Split screen VW camper van for shows, holidays and camping trips. I love anything to do with the outdoors, including hill trekking, cycling and photographing  landscapes, wildlife, architecture and classic cars. Another hobby is league badminton. Without this there might be no Nett Sales. Simon and I met through the local Marlborough Club. We both still attend dutifully and competing in the local leagues.