Will Tizen give Android a run for its money?

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 Ask folks about mobile operating systems and most will probably tell you that it’s a two-horse race: Apple’s iOS versus Google’s Android.


The mobile OS landscape isn’t this way because other companies haven’t tried.

Microsoft has done some interesting things with Windows Phone, and Palm’s webOS looked pretty darn promising when it launched.

For a variety of reasons, however, the market has coalesced around iOS and Android and in technology, the strong often get stronger as brands are established and ecosystems gain critical mass.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the race is over. Apple’s iOS is, of course, only available on Apple devices, so mobile phone manufacturers looking for a modern OS that can help their devices compete with the likes of the iPhone lineup embraced Android.

Doing so was pragmatic at the time, but reliance on Google has been a source of tension, frustration and worry. Carriers also have a love-hate relationship with Android due to limitations around customization.
Introducing Tizen

So a number of major players decided something must be done. In January 2012, they formed an alliance under an organization called the Tizen Association, with a singular goal: “facilitate open opportunity by providing a fresh platform that offers a high level of flexibility in service selection and deployment.

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