THE PROCESS – Getting Results

We use really targeted and measurable sales methods. Our approach will generate leads and sales for you, but more than that, it will help you to focus on the people who are interested, responsive and want what you do.

As well as filtering in interested parties we also have a vested interest in ensuring you say well connected with your existing customers, contacts and those “nearly” customers whom you expect to turn into customers shortly. The overall aim is to ensure that when they need what you do, they come to you.

Obviously, results for each campaign will differ. However the results below are from a typical campaign run in the Thames Valley recently for a software and web business:

Between June and November 17 enquiries have been passed and 4 new orders taken, worth £8,000 with more still progressing in the pipeline. All of this has been achieved on a scaleable £800 per month campaign.

Over the course of the campaign over 1,000 people have opened the emails and over 300 have read them and clicked through to specially written web pages because they liked what they saw. Each of these people now has some awareness of the business and subsequent campaigns will build on this interest and build or maintain reputations and credibility. This will create a solid source of enquiries for the business in coming months.

With corporate budgets shrinking, obtaining good business will become even harder. How much of this will you continue to receive? Well that will depend on your ability to consistently attract new prospective enquiries to your business.

We believe that the best way to attract new business is to run professional and repeatable campaigns that are tightly targeted with defined success criteria. This will build you a pipeline that you can depend on.