THE PROCESS – New Customers

Target – Initially Nett Sales will work with you to agree the sort of business you want and the most likely audiences that will generate such orders.

The process identifies a list of the likely contacts for you from our own database and other databases. Selections may be geographically based, in one or more vertical markets or based on other criteria. Typically the list will run to several thousand names.

Letters and emails – The list of prospects will then be targeted with a campaign of emails over a six month period. Initially this will raise awareness of the business and move on to build trust in your company and its products and services.

From here the campaign will progress to generating interest in your business, product or service. We will make you memorable to your prospective clients such that, when the contact has a requirement, you are front of mind and get the call.

Review & Re-focus – Many potential enquirers will not email back or phone unsolicited. These are good prospects that need encouragement to engage with you. The second part of the programme therefore reviews how recipients have reacted to the emails they receive and build profiles accordingly. This is made possible because each email we send is trackable. Therefore, we know:

  • If an email is opened (and how many times)
  • If links in the email are clicked (and how many times)
  • If the email bounces
  • If the individual opt outs (unsubscribes)

With this information we build a profile of the recipients, assigning values to each action and identifying those most interested in you. Those that qualify for the “hot list” may be passed to you for follow up, be called by Nett Sales or targeted with a different email message (for example, a special event, an offer or preferential service).

Over a period of six months your list will have been targeted with a campaign of messages. You will know from the response data how effective the different messages are and therefore which to continue using in this and other marketing.

Repeat – Repetition with variation is the key to success. Each review offers the opportunity to change some elements of the campaign to seek better results and test new ideas. By evolving your campaign your recipients will continue to engage with your message and ensure that when they have a requirement your name will be top of the pile.

Follow up – By Nett Sales or yourself.

Identify – Nett Sales will generate or receive the enquiry. We will then collect all the details that you require in order to progress the enquiry.

Qualify – Qualification is often the most difficult part of the sales process. No one wants to say “no” to an enquiry! However effective qualification will ensure that time and resources are not wasted later in the process on enquiries that will never turn into business.

Opportunities are qualified throughout the sales process. The key criteria being whether the enquirer can afford or has budget for the order, whether you can do the work profitably, how the enquirer is making their decision to proceed and their desire to work with you.

Progress – Either we will progress opportunities on your behalf or you can take on this role of turning prospects into customers.

The sale – Nett Sales can work with you to ensure that the sales process is completed efficiently and that all parties understand their obligations and commitments.