3 ways B2B communication laws will change your business

cookie monsterThere’s a lot of buzz around the new B2B communication laws passed earlier this year, and the question on everyone’s lips is ‘What does it mean for my business?’

The short answer is a strong dose of change, but there are three areas in particular you may need to take note of:

Opt-in replaces opt-out
“If you don’t want to hear from us again, tick this box or click this link” – sound familiar?

We all use it! Yet under the new laws, the opt-out will be no more. Instead, opt-in consent will be required for all marketing communications.

Informed consent is the new minimum standard
“Our sales have always been solid. We own data lists, sometimes we buy more, we send them emails and we get leads. Why change now?” – Simply owning the data isn’t enough.

If you hold, contact or track a database then you’re going to need to get the consent of each person in that database. You’re also going to need to prove it.

Consent cannot be implied by inaction, it must be the result of a positive action by individuals. They must know exactly what they’re consenting to, and pre-ticked boxes aren’t an option. You can also find out more on consent here… 

No difference between ‘business’ and ‘consumer’ data
“Isn’t this only the case for consumer data? We’ve always been able to contact other businesses in the past…” – From now on the same rules apply to both.

The legislation also makes no distinction between B2C and B2B communication. All data is now personal and if you can identify a person from the data you hold then its time to get their consent.

We haven’t seen such significant changes to data legislation since 1995, when floppy disks were still used and a cookie was a treat you had with a cuppa. A lot has changed since then and reforms are well overdue.

But what do I do about it?

It all sounds scary, but taking the right steps now will set you up nicely for when these laws come into force in 2018. If you do this right, you could find yourself with a database of refined, engaged and relevant people with a genuine interest in your services.

The best thing to do at this point is take a look at these 6 steps and tackle GDPR head on. Check them out here…

Getting in the know now will give you time to prepare properly and ensure you gain an edge over your competitors. Brush up on your knowledge here…

Alternatively, give us a call on 01672 505050 or drop an email to gdpr@nett-sales.com


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