A review of the ‘Nett Sales’ process – by Steph Clarke

There is nothing worse than sitting down, and staring at a blank screen with a deadline looming and so many ideas milling round that you don’t know where to start.

Writing sales and marketing emails isn’t easy, however, an email that is four lines long will connect with the reader – our ongoing research is showing that first impressions are everything; the majority of contacts will choose to read/delete/spam an email after a few seconds. Meaning that being able to sell your product in less than 50 words is essential!

As mentioned in previous Nett Sales blogs many people fall into the trap of “I disease” – using words such as “I, we & our” and not focusing on the real objective –engaging the reader and ensuring that the email meets the needs, serves the interests &  guarantees the business and personal challenges of the reader.

The difficult part of marketing emails can be to craft 4 flowing lines of email message.

And this is where Nett Sales comes in; they can help you to create and / or send short emails that contain knowledge, advice plus tips and offers based on a “Here’s something for you” approach. They can show you a simple, proven & logical structure for writing and thinking your way through simple emails.

Mike Southern, The Beermat Entrepreneur reviewed this process with Nett Sales Partner, Simon West and in doing so coined the phrase “magic emails”. To see the article click here

Though these “magic emails” don’t make you fly, read minds or become super strong they do provide a proven technique to build relationships and get sales.

Here is how the magic emails work… (click the image to view full size)


1)    What’s the question?

This is the problem or scenario that your company are trying to solve for example it could be “Who will wash my car when my daughter goes to University?”

2)    How can I help?

This is your 30 second pitch to the customer:  if it’s any longer the reader will lose interest, but any shorter and there will be too little information and no enquiry will result for example “Car cleaning 4 u can clean your car at affordable rates at a time to suit you…”

3)    Commercial evidence…

In this line you put a case study, statistics or proof of previous success. This shows the reader that you are a reliable and experienced company that the reader can rely on, “97% of customers would book another appointment”

4)    What to do if you are interested…

Whether it is an email address, phone number or web link, this is where consumers can engage with you and find out more information if they are interested,

“Call:  01234567890

Email:  bob@cc4u.co.uk

Website:  cc4u.co.uk”


Although writing an email seems pretty simple there is so much more. Nett Sales does this to such a high standard that it may amaze you considering the size of the company but in this case the phrase “Good things come in small packages” is certainly applicable. Nett Sales does five main things…

1)     Creating

Writing the words that make up the campaign using the “magic email” method, this is tricky because what may start out as 150 words in your head has to be cut down to 50 or even 30 words, and still carry the same message.

2)    Building

This involves putting the writing into a page bearing logos, pictures and links. It is either from a template or from scratch depending on the customer’s requirements.

3)    Checking

This involves reading through the campaign and looking for mistakes and sentences that don’t flow. Tests are also sent to make sure the layout works and that hyperlinks work.

4)    Sending

A mass email sent to up to 76000 people each of whom have to be added to a database and edited accordingly, a massive task of editing misspelt names or duplicate numbers.

5)    Results

How the email was received, this is a set of results that tell Nett Sales what people opened the email, looked on the website or even unsubscribed.

Having watched the process and in addition to watching & helping with each step of the process I have learnt that Nett Sales is a real gem to find and employ. The attention to detail by the team here is excellent and the relationship they develop with their customers goes beyond business, it extends to trust and a mutual understanding of two companies. You can really gain from Nett Sales it is friendly and provides essential sales and marketing advice and support at impressive prices.

If you want more information contact

Nett Sales
01793 250207

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Steph Clarke had an opportunity to review, use and comment on the Nett Sales process for writing short 4 line emails to help sales people get more sales.