Sales and Marketing…. Mind the gap!

There is a disconnect between sales and marketing. Different discussion groups are debating this now. However the fact remains that marketing is about generating interest in a product or service and sales is about turning a lead into a sale.

Marketing happily pass interested contacts to sales. Sales then call them and find “most of them aren’t ready to buy now“.

So, there is a gap to bridge. That is to take expressions of interest and move them AT THEIR PACE towards qualified leads that sales can deal with.

But how?

Here is our take…

We mainly use email marketing for our clients to identify contacts interested in their products or services. But this is only transitory interest, not a desire to buy.

So, the next stage is for us to call all those contacts that have shown they have a level of interest. They demonstrate their interest by following certain links in our emails, or by email open / click patterns over a period of time.

The phone call is not a sales call, rather a “customer service” call with the intention of discussing the issue in question with the contact and qualifying their interest.

This extra step means that only qualified contacts with a defined need get passed to sales and the “interested but not yet” get regular contact without feeling sold to or being qualified out.

We’ve found that adding this extra step into the handover process helps everyone… and even starts to close the gap between sales and marketing.