The other 80%

Here’s something you will recognise… You’ve just finished a successful trade show. You have some great contacts to follow up and everyone is delighted.

The marketing department are pleased with the results and the sales team immediately begin following up to close the hot prospects – about 20% of all of the contacts.  The remaining 80% never receive another contact by phone or email!


Because neither the marketing or sales staff have the time or energy to follow up and weed out the 40% of “non-qualified” contacts and to nurture the remaining 40% that would eventually become future hot prospects.

Failing to remain in contact with these potential clients could result in a tremendous loss of sales. It’s only a matter of time before the remaining 40% of would be clients buy from your competition.
Thankfully your company is blisfully unaware of these lost sales.  If it were you can imagine the discussion:

Marketing: “Sales are lazy – we work our butts off to produce great leads and you don’t follow them up.”

Sales: “Marketing produce time wasting weak leads.  No one has budget or is ready to buy.  We may as well just phone from yellow pages!”

I parody slightly :)

But.. the real loser is your company that has spent out for an expensive trade show for only 20% of the contacts to be sold to. When a further 40% of contacts could have become customers too.

The challenge is to identify and keep in touch with these 40% of contacts, feeding them relevant information and keeping your name in their mind so that when they come to buy, you are their natural choice.

This is not a role that either marketing or sales traditionally do.  But this is exactly what the Nett Sales process does for you: It takes leads that are generally neglected and carefully, patiently, methodically and automatically nurtures them until they are ready to become buying clients.  Building a relationship of trust until the lead is ready to become a dependable buying client.

Marketing and Sales departments really don’t have time to spend months upon months communicating with leads that aren’t yet ready to buy. But Nett Sales does. When the client is ready to buy, Nett Sales turns the lead over to your sales staff to close the sale.

This is not to be confused with some mass email marketing blast. Each lead will receive a personal campaign based on their individual needs and proximity to a purchase of goods and services.