How not to do your Happy Christmas email

Amazing!!  I receive an email from someone who has added me to their marketing list and feels they know me well enough to send me Christmas Greetings… But what do they send?  a big blue box!

I wonder how that has developed my relationship with this business?



Gone Phishing…

We just received the following email.  Putting aside the huge image across the top of the page that renders the preview pane completely empty, take a look at the pink banner applied to the message by Outlook:

Suspect email - Outlook says "Phishing?"

I don’t know what you think, but I’d pause before taking a closer look at this message, especially as the only thing visible is an option to unsubscribe and a big grey box!

So why is it classed as “potentially unsafe”?  I do know the sender and they are legitimate, so somehow they have done something wrong that has made Outlook suspicious…

There are a number of possible reasons for this but I suspect the main one is the links in the email just look really dodgy and don’t point to the same domain as the email purports to come from:


I’d mark that as “potentially unsafe” too!!

It gets better…  The sender has used Constant Contact to send the email and then half way down the email we get this:

So, we’ve got an email sent using Constant Contact promoting using Infusionsoft for email marketing.  And using an email with “potential phishing” to suggest the sender is an authority in email marketing…

To quote my son “LOL”