Engaging telephone conversations in channel sales, not just telemarketing!

We have all been there, when we need more sales and hot leads.  What most of us do is pick up the phone book and start calling potential customers telling them how good we are and how amazing our products are.

What is the usual outcome? You will sit there listening to answer phone messages for half of the day, or get hung up on as the customer doesn’t know who you are and are not interested in what you are selling at the moment.

What do you do then? Exhaust all contacts in the phone book? Is there are simpler way? – Yes.

Nett Sales has developed a system for you to share knowledge, build relationships and get more sales.  See the Process in Action here. We believe in building relationships with potential customers by writing to them about products they may be interested in.  We will continue to communicate with customers, so they will begin to trust you and when they are ready to buy your products, you will be the first company they think of. (Building trust)

You may think why don’t we call the potential customers once we know that they have read the email and/or clicked through to the link? There are many different reasons why customer’s may read the information we send them. They are actually interested in the products you can offer, they are interested but not at the moment, or they are not interested at all and have clicked through to the link out of boredom. Nett Sales will ask the potential customers some qualifying questions to ensure that only hot leads are passed to your sales team to turn into sales. Read more about this here.

When it is time to call potential customers, what is the best approach? To tell them how great you are and what you can offer to them, or to have a conversation with them.

We have found that customers are more responsive to someone who calls to ask them some questions about what we have sent them and how interesting they found the information. This will help you build trust with the customer and learn more about them and their needs. Customer’s will appreciate this and think ‘this company is different to the others; they care about me and not just about getting another sale’. By getting this type of response from the customer, you would have gained a long-term and loyal customer.

We all know that generating sales have become increasingly more difficult in the current economic climate. From experience it is proven that email marketing is one of the most effective periods of generating leads and turning these into sales. See this example if you aren’t convinced. If you want to know more get in touch.