Fuelling Your Telephone Process

You have contacted Nett Sales and expressed a need for more sales.  We have then worked with you to identify your target market and who you want to attract. We have then written a series of emails and articles that have been sent to your target audience. These emails share knowledge and tell stories about past experiences. We now have a number of contacts that have clicked on the email and have opened the links within the email. What do we do with this information now? Are these contacts now hot leads? No!

What these contacts have done is to make an “Expression of Interest”.  They may be nosey but with no need, bored, vaguely interested or interested right now.  All these contacts require a qualifying call to discuss the issue(s) raised in the email they clicked on.  This is not a sales call – view it as a customer service or research call – to get their particular view or perspective on a single topic.

The call is made to ask the contact what they thought of the emails and information that we sent them and to get some feedback from them. This call is about asking the contact some questions and starting to have a conversation and building the relationship we have built with them over email. The calls are not very script based and it is just about letting them know who you are and asking them what they thought about the information we sent them and if they are interested in the product(s). The conversation should follow this structure or something similar:

Good Morning/Afternoon. I’m looking for [Contact Name] please

Hello, I am [name] from [your company].

We’ve been in dialogue for a while and recently sent you some ideas about [see sent message] on [date it was sent]. I thought now would be a good chance to give you a call to get your particular thoughts and feedback? May I please check if:

  1. You’ve received and seen it?
  2. Can I get your particular view, company perspective, thoughts, feedback on it?
  3. Is this is relevant for you?

By having a conversation with the contact you will be able to qualify them and find out if they are a potential lead for the future or a hot lead that is interested now. At this stage the hot lead can now passed to the sales team to be turned into a customer.