For a letting finance and insurance business

This specialist email selling campaign to share knowledge, article and updates with all UK lettings agents is run by a lettings focused insurance and financial services company. The campaign is now in its 12th month.

A monthly 3-part agent update email is sent to all opted in agents. Nett Sales got the opt ins by phone and web sign up and maintains the clean, responsive list for the client.

Objective: Help letting finance and insurance business get more landlords and make profit
Email list: 4,500
Open rate: 1,440(32%) opens average
Click through: 126 (2.8%) average click rate Enquiries: 18 on the last campaign 

This ongoing monthly campaign aims to generate email and telephone enquiries. In October 2011, 126 letting agents were followed up to discuss the business issues around the topics on the 3-part email and web pages we’ve built onto a letting agents article library / blog. We spent 1 ½ days on follow up calls and were able to pass 18 new introductions for one of the 4 regional business development managers to visit to continue the engagement.

This campaign has provided regular monthly agent sign ups worth £4,000 each and to cover the £987 fee. And the first major agent has just signed up to make the next quarterly review more comfortable still.