Getting results for an IT distribution company

A specialist campaign was launched for an importer of IT hardware who sold to an IT dealer channel and retailers. The company had strong relationships with key accounts and wanted to maintain contact and build relationships with smaller dealers to generate more leads and orders, more often.

The company has an internal sales manager. He would spend 2-3 hours a day calling dealers with not much luck.  Both the internal sales team and the sales territory managers became frustrated as too few leads were being generated. The sales manager started to become distracted and even the simplest tasks were more appealing than trying to generate leads.

Objective- Develop and nurture more IT dealer channels leads more often

Email list- 5,500 IT dealers and retailers

Open rate- 25% average

Click through- 3%

Number of calls: 75 follow up calls on the same day

A fortnightly campaign was written and sent out to give the dealers knowledge, advice and offers on targeted product sets. Nett Sales wrote the material, sent it to the channel and end user customers and found that from tracking the emails the dealers were more engaged and deemed more interested in IT hardware.

This campaign was successfully rolled out on a monthly basis and was self-funding within 3 months. From just one telephone follow up session carried out by Nett Sales and the internal sales manager, we generated leads for 8 demos, quotes or visits, with each enquiry equivalent to £7,500+. Before the Nett Sales process was used only 1-2 demos were generated per session. There was an extension in channel sales and the 2013 sales target was stretched and beaten even within today’s market.