Getting results for an office chair manufacturer

Carl Wheatley has worked for this client since 2003. Nett Sales began running email selling campaigns in 2009. The aim of the campaigns is to engage office equipment retailers, dealer and buyers with information, advice, knowledge and updates to help them sell more office chairs.

The MD recently said “At the outset I was sceptical. I now see the value of these Nett Sales campaigns in helping build trust and sell more chairs.” Each month two or more messages are sent to this buying audience, with new contacts added regularly and existing contacts updated.

Objective: Help dealers to sell more chairs
Email list: 900
Open rate: 243 (27%) opens average
Click through: 27 (3.5%) average click rate Enquiries: 8 on the list campaign alone 

This ongoing monthly campaign aims to generate email and telephone enquiries and pass knowledge to the Sales Director and 4 regional Sales Managers about which buyers, dealer and retailers are engaging with the content and web landing pages. When this is overlaid with customer order values, the top 40 customers are all strongly engaged campaign readers. These contacts are the main focus of customer service efforts in the business. Amongst the rest of the contacts, those that are less engaged are then visited, called and supported with knowledge, offers, sales demos, customer support and sample products.

On one campaign for a highly specified, budget office chair range the Sales Director observed that the workshop phone had rung all day with dealer and customer enquiries. He asked that we “warn him in future before campaigns are dispatched, to give him time to get the cordless phone batteries charged and ready for calls”.

Year on year the client’s turnover rises by up to 20% and with new initiatives planned to manufacture more compounds on site and communicate the benefits to buyers, we can expect increased profits.

Feedback from dealers shows that the primary route they use to keep up to date is these email campaigns and the dealer area web blog that we built to support the campaign.