LinkedIn Farmer

Leads can be expensive to source and seem increasingly difficult to qualify.

Right at the time when most businesses are showing good signs of growth and need to support this growth with new clients.

LinkedIn can offer a route to identifying prospective clients with its ability to target carefully and avoid gatekeepers.

Running lead generation through LinkedIn is time consuming.  Automation is actively prevented.  Interactions are undertaken one to one.

Many people offer to help you improve your LinkedIn profile and suggest what you can do.

What if someone offered a service to bring you more from LinkedIn and left you free to concentrate on the business?

You get the leads to follow up without spending hours each day on LinkedIn.  And you get more from LinkedIn at the same time.

We’ve been running just this service for our clients for many years.

Recently we have added capacity to our team, allowing us to offer this service to new clients.

If you are reading this it is probably because we saw your profile on LinkedIn and wondered if you could be interested in this service for your business?