LinkedIn, GDPR and the law…

You’ve got a LinkedIn profile; we all have. So you get notifications by email from LinkedIn when people send you a message through LinkedIn.

This has been going on for ages, but things are changing this month with GDPR taking effect across the EU.

So, do you stop receiving emails from LinkedIn with member messages?


But why?

Because when you signed up to LinkedIn many years ago, you accepted LinkedIn Terms of Service ( which gives them the right to send you emails unless you opted out.

Then you were offered the option to choose which messages to receive from other LinkedIn members here:

So, by signing up to LinkedIn you are agreeing to receive email from LinkedIn including emails that contain messages from other LinkedIn members.

It is up to you, in the settings area, to determine which of these emails you wish to receive, but if you have your settings as shown above, you will receive an email from LinkedIn every time another LinkedIn members messages you.

So, as the LinkedIn member is not sending you an email, they do not fall under the GDPR / PECR rules.

Hope this helps clarify a very confusing piece of legislation.