My Sales Machine is up and running

“How can I get everyone in the sales team selling effectively while tracking their activity & sales, without drowning in paperwork and complex systems?”

This is the question ‘My Sales Machine’ answers…


There are two parts to My Sales Machine; an intelligent system that helps sales people focus on the important stuff they need to do each day and a set of dashboards that track individuals and the team, showing outcomes and issues in ways that allow you to take action quickly.

No more waiting for accounts to tell you how much has been billed or getting sales people to manually report activity and sales.  My Sales Machine tracks all activity and allows you to focus on the exceptions: the sales that should have closed but haven’t, the leads that have not been followed up yet; the things that if you know about them early, you can take action on and make a real difference.

Sales people love My Sales Machine.  It shows them what they need to know: which marketing emails were interesting to a lead, which web pages they have visited, all previous sales activity and even what they say about themselves on LinkedIn!  Sales people get enough information to be effective but not so much that it becomes overwhelming.  They can be effective in their job, whether in the office or on the road, with the system automatically logging activity and sales so they don’t waste time on manual reporting.

So what is My Sales Machine?

My Sales Machine has been developed over the last 8-years by three ex Sales and Marketing Directors frustrated at the complex and expensive systems on offer.  It is based on the Microsoft Dynamics Sales system with a standard set of configurations and customisations that will transform any sales department.

We’ve already done all the hard work to give you 80% out of the box.  My Sales Machine is then tweaked by us to give you the final 20% that is unique to your business.

You get three key benefits:

  • Low Cost: Most of the work to set your system up has already been done, so you don’t have to pay for that.  Just a final configuration to your specific needs.  So you will get a low fixed price to implement the system.
  • Fast implementation: Systems are in and working and paying for themselves within 2 months, but we have implemented systems in a week or so where the client was in a real hurry.
  • Embody best practice: My Sales Machine actively drives sales.  The layout has been designed to guide sales people through their day so that they will be most effective.  When you implement My Sales Machine, you are getting a virtual sales manager to keep your team working efficiently.

The technical bits

You don’t need anything other than an Internet connection and a browser or smartphone to run My Sales Machine.  You may want to integrate your VoIP phone system and you will most likely want to integrate your email marketing system.  All this is straightforward and we work with outstanding companies to all provide these services for you.

Because My Sales Machine is built on Microsoft Dynamics, any / all of the integrations and solutions for this system can be used.  This includes integrations to everything from LinkedIn to Xero, web forms to Text messaging services.  Then there is the whole Microsoft ERP product range…

So your whole business can benefit from using My Sales Machine if you want to go that far.  Or you can use it to run your sales effectively.

Is My Sales machine right for me?

Almost any business will benefit from My Sales Machine but some will get more benefit than others.  The businesses most likely to get a great return are those that have a sales team and have or want to have sales targets and sales goals.

If you are just fulfilling orders off the web and don’t get to influence your buyers in any way, this is probably not the system for you.

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