No trust… Bye!

You’ve got great products, top notch services and your prices are keen… but you still can’t get people to buy from you. Existing customers love what you do for them and new ones seem interested but don’t end up buying – does this sound familiar?

Read on to hear how to build trust with your prospects so that they will happily buy from you time and again…

The problem: Without trust there is no sale. Think about it… when you are considering buying from someone new, you go looking for evidence that you can trust them. You look for testimonials, check out their website and read stuff that they send you. At some point you trust them enough to try buying from them – or you don’t.

The solution: Build trust with your prospects. If they trust you before they think about buying from you, then they will buy when they have a requirement that matches what you are offering. Simple! The only challenge is that your prospects don’t want to talk to you till they want to buy – then it’s too late!

Nett Sales process is different as it allows you to build trust with your prospects before they need to buy from you. Sounds good? I want some help with this.

The Nett Sales approach uses three simple steps:

Know: Who are your prospects? Build a database of ALL your prospects and start communicating with them regularly. Talk to them about their issues and their challenges. Offer relevant advice that shows your competence without selling or bragging. Do this by telling stories and sharing knowledge on email and social media too, if that works for you. And if you are unsure on this, get us to help you.

Trust: As you communicate with your prospects giving them value, you build their trust in you – without them having a need for what you are selling. This is often referred to as ‘something for you’ (the reader). Sales experts will tell you that this can take from 7 to 20 or more interactions before they start to trust you.

Buy: So now you have an audience of prospects trusting you and actively engaging with your regular emails. When they need what you are offering, you will be well placed to know that they are ready to buy and able to convert their enquiry to an order.

So, you can now follow the process ‘Know, Trust, Buy’ rather than getting the response ‘no trust – bye!’

Nett Sales helps companies to build long term relationships with their prospects and clients to give them a regular stream of business using the Know, Trust, Buy approach. We expect to increase a company’s income by at least 17%.

But don’t take our word for it, see a worked example here.