The Customer Experience – What people really buy

customerRobert Craven is soon to release a new version of his best-selling book “Customer is King” introduced by Sir Richard Branson.  We have taken a fresh look at this book and put into practice Robert’s advice to help us and our clients.

Robert’s advice has made a big difference to our business as well as our clients’, so much so we have been blogging the results as we go.

This month’s tip covers why your customers are buying from you and how to engage with them to keep them buying more.

What Robert says

Knowing what customers really buy and why they buy from your business is a fundamental step to any successful business regardless of what you’re selling. Robert Craven asks the questions “why do customers buy from you instead of from your competition?” in his best-selling book ‘Customer is King’. He shows there are 4 possible answers to his question:

  1. You know exactly what unique set of advantages you offer your clients, and you set out to capitalise on these advantages.
  2. You offer a unique set of advantages, but you’ve never really identified them yourself.
  3. You offer the client no unique set of advantages and you’re just lucky to be trading.
  4. You are about to go out of business because you are virtually giving your stuff away

Robert suggests that you must figure out the most powerful benefit or advantage that your product/ service offers so that it will be totally irrational for a potential customer to buy from someone else.

This moves us onto the next point that Robert makes about what people really buy. “The only products/ services that succeed are those that offer a benefit to consumers that is greater than the cost (to them).” If you want to sell more and get your customers coming back for more you need to sell the benefits that your product/ service offer the customer and why the need to buy it.

It is important to identify the features of your product/ service. These are the attributes and characteristics of your offering. Once you have done this you can then associate the relevant benefits that each feature will give your customer and why they want your product/ service.

Applying this to Nett Sales

Nett Sales helps its clients get more customers. We work closely with our clients to create compelling campaigns using a blend of email and telephone work to ensure we pass our clients well qualified leads that they can turn into customers.

Robert’s advice has helped us and our clients engage new and existing customers by sending them knowledgeable messages which identify a pain that customers can relate to and how the benefits of the product/service will help them get rid of their pain.

We have worked with each of our clients to recognise the features and the associated benefits for their products/ service which we have used in telephone follow-up calls. This has helped up pass more hot leads to our clients.

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