Two MS Dynamics CRM books worth a look

We’ve been using Microsoft Dynamics CRM for 3 years now as the backbone to our business.  It stores all the contacts for our email marketing campaigns, integrates to our email sending system and provides the system by which we do all our telephone follow up.  So to say it’s an important part of our business is an understatement!

We therefore need a good “expert user” competence in MS CRM in order to be able to meet various client requirements of our systems and to be able to drive our business forward.  Two books that I have found useful recently are:

cookbookMicrosoft Dynamics CRM 2011: Dashboards Cookbook

Dashboards are a growing feature of MS CRM.  They allow data from all over the system to be pulled together into one place.  We’ve seen various examples of dashboards before and thought “that would be good” and using this book, we now know how to build our own elegant dashboards.

Unusually, this book is written in the form of “recipies” that you can dip into and out of as you wish, taking the particular bit of knowledge you were looking for.

Chapter 3 took us through the whole process of creating a dashboard from start to finish with great results.  We now know what we are doing with dashboards!

Great book, well worth it if you want to know how to use dashboards in MS CRM.




scriptingMicrosoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Scripting Cookbook

Now, I’m not a programmer of any variety, so the idea of me writing JavaScript is not a comfortable thought!  However… this book take you through the basis of JavaScript and how to use it within MS CRM so that even I feel like it is possible!

I’ve tried a few of the more basic “recipies” within the book and had good results.  So this is something that I am starting to feel comfortable with and definitely will be doing more JavaScript for our CRM in the future.

However I can see that that if you are a CRM developer, this book would be invaluable.